Aker BP misses the mark north of Gina Krog

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STAVANGER — Aker BP ASA, operator of production license 777, has completed the drilling of wildcat well 15/6-16 S. The well was drilled about 10 km north of Gina Krog field and 220 km west of Stavanger in the central part of the North Sea.

The primary exploration target for well 15/6-16 S was to prove petroleum in reservoir rocks from the Middle Jurassic Age (the Hugin and Sleipner formation). The secondary exploration target was to prove petroleum in reservoir rocks from the Late Triassic Age (the Skagerrak formation).

Well 15/6-16 S encountered the Hugin formation with a thickness of about 10 m, of which sandstone layers totalling 5 m with poor reservoir quality. The Sleipner formation of 95 m has sandstone layers totaling 25 m with reservoir properties of moderate to poor quality. The Skagerrak formation came in with a thickness of 80 m, with sandstone layers totaling 25 m with poor to moderate reservoir quality.

The well is dry.

Data acquisition and sampling have been carried out.

This is the first exploration well in production license 777. The license was awarded in APA 2015.

The well was drilled to respective vertical and measured depths below the sea surface of 4162 and 4173 m, and was terminated in the Skagerrak Formation from the Late Triassic Age.

Water depth at the site is 116 m. The well will now be permanently plugged and abandoned.

Well 15/6-16 S was drilled by the Deepsea Stavanger drilling facility, which will now proceed to production license 442 in the central part of the North Sea to drill wildcat well 25/2-20, where Aker BP is the operator.


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