Who We Are

Foresight Global Oil & Gas Company LTD is Registered in Scotland with its Corporate Head Quarters at No. 93 Argyle Street Glasgow, United Kingdom.

The company specializes in the mid-stream value chain of the Oil & Gas Global Industry. We pride ourselves as the specialist in delivery of the critical intermediary facilities, products and services of the global oil & gas value chain. Therefore, you will find us in refinery investments; crude oil and natural gas sales and project finance services.

Our rich industry analyses, market intelligence, news and market trends estimations and forecast results presented on our blog are free. We employ various suits of econometric models, using global and geopolitical events and macro-economic variables to predict global crude oil and natural gas consumptions and price forecasts.  

Currently, we are actively involved in sourcing and supplying on CSA Marks and SGS Certified crude oil from producers to refineries particularly in Africa, Asia and Europe. We are also working on refinery investment with governments of a few African countries.

Besides its core business functions, our company joins global petroleum news giants in providing free reliable and up to date information. Its crude flows; African Markets and Call on OPEC are dedicated areas to help practitioners in those areas with useful information at no cost. To sustain this feat, the company, which was founded in 2018 located in Glasgow United Kingdom, covers over 2,000 key global oil & gas activity spots (producing sites, well/gas heads, crude movements, bunkering, trades, refineries and exchanges). In this way, our company is able to provide hot news round the clock like any global oil & gas news giant, to serve our teeming readers around the world.