We offer one of the industry’s most reliable update service relating to prices, trades etc.


We source and deliver on CSA Mark and SGS Certified cargoes. Our choice of CSA Mark is the group’s international market coverage that covers over 150 markets worldwide and the confidence buyers (both public and private) in over 150 markets worldwide have on CSA.

Our track records stand us out in terms of turnaround time for product delivery and zero defects in all our executed contracts.

D8R0C7 The very large crude oil carrier PISCES STAR in the port of Rotterdam

Once we receive your contract, be rest assured of timely delivery.


We understand the geopolitical oil & gas market of sub-Sahara Africa totally. We have spent over 20 years researching, working, advising governments of the region on exploration and licensing. Investors and host governments will draw richly from our experience in this region.

We are not shy to say that investors and government of host countries stand to get mutually satisfactory deals in petroleum tax and related demands if our service of negotiating with any host country is used.

Our core expertise of intermediation in the oil & gas value chain rests on this aspect.


Using the Nelson Index, our investment interest ranges from simple to complex refineries with catalytic crackers, alkylation plants, thermal cracking, hydrotreating refineries and plants with coking ability. We are able to know a profitable refinery venture from source and type of crude and target distillate markets.

Currently we are in discussions with some African state governments where industry drivers are strong, indicating profitable prospects.

Refinery Investment

We use the Special Purpose Vehicle model to create the refinery business. Where we are not directly investing, we will be happy to participate in any area of the project finance from preparatory stage to financial close and beyond.