Caspian Sunrise reports increased production in Kazakhstan

LONDON — Caspian Sunrise is pleased to update shareholders with developments at its flagship BNG Contract Area.

Shallow wells

Production from our shallow wells for March 2019, was in aggregate 44,566 or 1,658 bopd (Feb. 2019 42,913 bbl or 1,533 bopd), with oil sold at an average price of $18/bbl (February $20.50/bbl).

Compared to February 2019, average daily production was 125 bopd higher while total monthly oil production increased by 1,653 bbl as the result of there being three more days in the month and the impact of a hot oil treatment of all flowlines, including wells 141 and 144, to remove solids build-up.  

Deep wells

The well has now been cleared to a depth of 13,956.65 ft (4,254 m), some 429.79 ft (131 m) above the top of the previously perforated and tested interval; 4,385 m to 4,395 m.

Since our previous announcement we have examined the well casing where the majority of the work to clear the blockage has been undertaken and do not believe this has been damaged.

The metal obstruction mentioned in previous announcements has been mostly removed but there remain some metal fragments that are adding complexity in operations to mill out remaining rock debris. 

In the event that steps to remove remaining debris are not successful we will consider a further side track from a depth of 12,467.19 ft (3,800 m). We stress that no decision has yet been taken in this regard.

Since our last update we have on an almost daily basis opened the well for safety reasons.

This is in anticipation of conducting a further pressurized acid treatment of the potential oil horizon using a contractor with equipment designed for the process.

Further announcements will be made following the completion of the required tender process.

As previously announced work on Well A6 is temporarily suspended pending the outcomes at Deep Wells A5 and 801. During this pause we are reviewing our workover program with new international consultants with extensive experience with deep and high-pressure wells.

Based on our assessment of the work programs at the other wells, we believe should work commence at Deep Well A6 before end of second-quarter 2019. A rig has already been installed over the well. 

Progress remains encouraging at our latest deep well, A8, which was spudded on November 2018 with a target Total Depth of 17,388.45 ft (5,300 m).

We have successfully drilled to a depth of 13,451.44 ft (4,100 m). Wireline logging of the open-hole has been completed, the 9 5/8” casing has been set and cement has been poured. 

Based on progress to date we continue to expect to reach total depth in the first half third-quarter 2019.


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